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The Fastest Checkout – Anything Anywhere!

What is SnaPi™?

SnaPi™ is a revolutionary shopping method that makes it possible to get through shopping in a snap.

SnaPi™ is based on Pay by Pi service, which enables users to make payments in a few seconds using QR codes.

This service is PCI DSS certified.

The user scans the QR code of the item they want to buy


The user completes the shopping process by clicking the PAY button


The customer receives a confirmation of the completed transaction and the merchant receives all data needed to deliver product or service and a payment confirmation as well


SnaPi™ may be used for:

Online shopping

Scan the QR code directly from the seller’s site and shop easily online

In-store shopping

Scan the QR code from a price tag of the item

Window shopping

Scan the QR code from shop windows, billboards, magazines, posters, etc. and get your items shipped to your address!

Online shopping

In-store shopping

Window shopping

What is PCI DSS
and why is it important?

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is designed to provide a framework for security processes around sensitive data management, namely storing, processing or transmitting card holder info.

You cannot handle credit card details, if you are not PCI DSS compliant.

Turn to-do’s idea into actionable and conversational subtasks to eliminate multiple channels of feedback.

Technology Partnership is the only Serbian company that possesses PCI DSS certificate with its own technology.

Discover the benefits



  • Fastest shopping process
  • No need to register on numerous sites
  • No need to input credit card details with every purchase


  • Increase of conversion rate by 20% on checkout
  • Greater number of sales channels
  • One app that unites all shopping parties (inventory check ordering payment)
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